Why Cain Mosni?

As an industry leader you certainly don't need Cain Mosni to provide you with more of the same resources that you already have. What we do is raise the probability of success, particularly in new ventures.


Our observation is that when established companies try to do what we do, in other words break-out of the old model of advertising and marketing, they hire traditional agencies or try to do it in-house. This generally doesn't work. The people running these agencies or initiatives are typically people promoted from the traditional marketing avenues who believe that the success of new media is detrimental to the way things have always been done. Our belief is that the success of new media is aligned with the success of your venture and our role is to show you how.

There are institutionalized silos embedded in these organizations that frame the success of new ideas as something that hurts the company. The direct success of turning the model upside down is viewed as a detriment to the old guard. That coupled with the complacency and denial of a new landscape allows us to more effectively drive change rather than to resist or react to it.


Our team is made up of impassioned people who all believe that the direct success of the company is tied to their contributions. It's a system where our incentives are tied directly to the benefit of our company. Our tenacity coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit provides us an undoubtedly different connection to our work when compared against more established Goliath corporations. Also it is important to note that we do not come from the traditional marketing world; our backgrounds are rooted in technology and consumer products giving us the ability to deliver an acceptable customer experience, opposed to just a product.


  • Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Insights/Analytics
  • Platforms


  • Mobile
  • Social/Viral
  • Relationship Marketing

Content Creation

  • Production
  • Campaigns
  • Digital Advertising
  • Experimental
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